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Friend of Friends is a sanctuary where the bond between humans and animals blossoms, reflected in moments of care and affection outside the home.

Created out of love for our furry companions, the mission is to ensure the happiness of pets and provide peace of mind for their owners, even amidst busy schedules.

Design System Manager

Bucharest - Romania


The challenge was to modernise the brand identity of Friend of Friends, particularly through a friendlier brand that effectively communicates the dog walking service.

Old Logo


The research phase commenced with a comprehensive analysis of leading pet care brands in Bucharest, focusing specifically on pet sitting and pet walking services.

The objective was to discern prevalent trends and evaluate the efficacy of existing brand strategies within the local market context.

Among the prominent brands identified were Petsitter Bucuresti, PetBaker, Pets of Bucharest, and Urbanimal. Despite their popularity, these brands exhibited certain shortcomings, including a lack of clarity regarding service offerings such as duration, pet specifications, and pricing structures.

Additionally, their target demographics appeared broad and undefined, potentially leading to challenges in effectively addressing the diverse needs of pet owners.

This initial research phase provided valuable insights into prevailing industry practices and served as a foundation for subsequent ideation and development stages.

Concept  Development


The initial phase of concept development primarily focused on revitalizing the brand identity, with particular emphasis on enhancing readability and versatility across various media platforms.

This involved exploring updated typography options to replace the existing font, which was deemed suboptimal for social, print, and digital applications.

In addition to typographic refinements, initial logo concepts incorporated symbolic elements such as paw prints and dog houses, aimed at visually reinforcing the brand’s connection to pet care services.

Inspired by the sentimentality of the movie ‘Hachi - A Dog’s Tale,’ one concept featured a silhouette of a dog eagerly awaiting its walker, intending to evoke feelings of loyalty and companionship.





However, upon receiving feedback from the client, it became apparent that the inclusion of a waiting dog silhouette reminiscent of the film’s somber narrative did not align with the desired brand tone.

Consequently, the challenge arose to reframe the visual representation to convey a sense of excitement and anticipation, reflective of the joyful experiences associated with pet care services.

As a result, subsequent iterations of the logo design centered around a silhouette of a cheerful and energetic dog eagerly awaiting its walker, evoking a sense of enthusiasm and positivity.

Simultaneously, adjustments were made to the typography to imbue the overall design with a more approachable and friendly aesthetic, ensuring alignment with the brand’s values and objectives.





After finalizing the chosen logo design, attention turned towards refining color variations to optimize visual appeal and ensure longevity as a strong and enduring brand.

This phase involved the creation of diverse mockups to evaluate how different color schemes would interact with the typography, ultimately aiming to achieve a captivating and enduring design that would resonate with audiences for years to come.





Design  Branding  Result

Text Logo
Primary Logo
Mark Logo
Primary colour
Purple Paw
Hex: #7b5d41
C: 123   M: 93  
Y: 65   K: 65
Secondary colour
Green Paw
Hex: #7b5d41
C: 123   M: 93  
Y: 65   K: 65

Packaging  &
Accessories  Result

Web  Design  &  Development

Despite the primary brand colour being purple, feedback from initial design concepts emphasised the importance of prioritising readability. As a result, the decision was made to utilise white as the background colour to enhance legibility, while incorporating purple accents for titles and icons to maintain brand consistency and visual identity.

In addition, a unique approach was taken to website navigation, diverging from conventional practices observed in competitor websites. Rather than emphasising traditional page links, the focus was shifted towards providing immediate access to essential contact information and business hours.

This strategic decision aimed to streamline user experience, enabling prospective clients to quickly engage with Friend of Friends’ services through prominently displayed phone numbers, email addresses, and operating hours.

Furthermore, in consideration of the growing importance of mobile accessibility, efforts were directed towards ensuring a seamless user experience across mobile devices. While budget constraints precluded the development of a dedicated mobile application, the mobile interface was meticulously designed to emulate the functionality and user interface aesthetics of a mobile app.

This approach not only enhances usability but also reinforces a professional and modern brand image.

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